Saturday, December 26, 2009

Easiest Way to Make Money Save Money. Print Free Coupons Anytime.

The easiest way to make money is to save money by printing out printable coupons from the internet. I love the fact that I can plan out my shopping trip and often get items for free or severely discounted with the coupons that I print out. If you combine sales with the printed coupons, you can save or make a ton of money. My two year old daughter refers to it as printing money because it saves us so much. Most will allow you print the coupon twice. Make sure to check back often as well because they are always adding coupons.Why Wait for the Sunday Paper? Print Free Coupons Anytime

I love the coupons too that allow you to do them as doubles or even triples, some stores still do that. This last year KMART had several double days and so I was often able to save $6 on a package of $10 diapers. Plus they even had a bonus rebate when you bought $50 worth of diapers, so I was able to double dip as I call it. Use a coupon and get a rebate.

At first this may all seem overwhelming. After a little practice you will get the hang of it and it will become addicting. Who doesn't like them taking 50% or more off of the grocery bill? My suggestions is to start easy. Click on the My Coupons link for some great coupons. Print out a couple of coupons, make sure they are for things you will use. Then take them to the store with you and use them the next time you buy those products.

Make sure that when you use coupons that you keep an eye on the epiration dates. Most stores do not take expired coupons. Most Base stores do take them from what I am told, so if you do have expired coupons you may want to send them to our military people for them to use.

Enough for now...go print some coupons and try them out. Save Money. Print Free Coupons Anytime.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fun Super Easy Project to do with Toddlers - Forest of Trees

This is a great fun easy project to do with your little ones. It is super easy and has a very quick set up time. Items needed are: Sugar cones, pre made frosting, green food coloring, any candy decorations that you want to add.

First, take the frosting can and open it, then add green food color until you achieve the green that you want for your scene. Next, take some of the frosting and frost the bottom of a plate generously. Then take one of the sugar cones and coat with the green frosting. Place the completed tree in the frosting on the plate. Repeat these steps to make as many trees as you want, or will fit on your plate. Next take the candies and decorate the trees.

The kids love this! Not only is it fun but if their are any messes a lick will usually clean it up. (Make sure to wash your hands properly of course if you are going to share your trees with others) Refrigerate till ready to serve.

Extra decorations can be used on your gingerbread projects or in holiday cookies.

Put some snow or powder sugar on top after you refrigerate your creation for an extra snowey effect.

Let me know how this worked for you. My little girl loved doing it.

Downlad 25 Free Christmas Songs- Hurry before their gone

Just click here-

Free 25 Christmas Songs

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Fresco Taco from Taco Bell for first 1 million

Free Fresco Taco - Click here

Here is a great freebie! Remember to that a lot of Taco Bells also give senior citizens a free drink with purchase. My parents love this place!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alice - Free Shipping & $10 off $50 for new customers

What a great service. If you have not tried Alice yet, you need to. They offer free shipping on every order, $10 off your first accumulation of $50, and on top of that they have great coupons that are taken off instantly. My first order with them was for about $25 after all my discounts and deals, and I got tons of stuff.

This is a great company to because they have those basic items that everyone needs. I order baby food from them that is far cheaper from them then the local companies. My little girl loves the Gerber pasta and cheese pick-ups and they sell them for $1.10 regular price. At the local Vons, they are $1.69. So I not only save lots of money but it is convenient as well. With the free shipping I can order what I need when I need it. They also remind me when I might be running low on an item.

When you click on their link you will get the $10 off $50 or more sign up bonus. I used this on my first order, but I believe they will combine your orders if you do not order $50 on the first time.

My strategy to with them is see what is on sale with their coupons, you can save tons by doing this. If you need other tips post and I will try to give some more money saving strategies for Alice.

$5 Refund from Oh' Nuts to post a link to their site

Just thought I would put a small blurb about this. They will give you $5 back to post a link to their site from your blog. I love rebates and deals and goodies. This is like a bonus kickback.

Irresistible nuts, candies and chocolate

PS Look for other coupons too, when I ordered from their site I had totally free shipping, so I got to double dip! Yummy!

Free $4 credit for Amazon Video on Demand

Click here to put in code Go to this link and put in the code AVODGIFT
I Love this, free movies right on your computer or TV if you have it set up for that!

Friday, December 11, 2009


These are great toys, or learning tools for kids and adults three and up. Right now they have a great deal on lots of great products. This is from an email I just received from Paul, "Free Shipping on EVERYTHING! a special secret stocking stuffer with any order by December 18th. We're not telling what, but it's a beautiful, veeery limited edition item, not available on our web site (or anywhere else), that is guaranteed to please any Zometool enthusiast and, really, just about anyone! Anyway, to claim your free shipping on anything we make, use promotion code "tasteful"."

So if you think these are as great as I do make sure to order by the 18th to get the free shipping and free secret stocking stuffer. I am not sure that I am supposed to share this, so you better hurry before they run out of the stocking stuffers! Let them know I sent you, Paul is a friend of the family's.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Ghiradelli Chocolate

I wanted to report that today in the mail I received a free sampling of Ghiradelli Peanut Butter Chocolates and some coupons from them. Thanks so much, SheSpeaks! They have sent some many great samplings. Don't forget to that coincidentally we have a drawing for free Ghiradelli chocolates. Just post a comment on the site or email me at Please also tell your friends about the site if you enjoy it. I will try to continue to update it as much as possible with the best offers and great new ads and incentives that they offer. Just like some that I posted earlier.

A Couple other Great Offers-

This one gives a free photo enlargement:

This is a great offer for a free $55 value canvas picture you just pay shipping and handling, I have heard from others that this is a great deal and that they are very happy with the results:

New Advertisers!

Some Really Great Deals, I have gone to a new advertising set. See some of the great deals, and I will be posting more great ones later. On the coupon site you can print out some great coupons for some really good deals, then on the Vista site you can get some great free stuff, see ads and sites for more details. I will also be posting more of these links, the new advertiser I am using has tons of great deals all available by clicking on their adds.

Great New Offers

After going through there listing of current offers, I thought these were amoung their best.

This link will give you some great coupons to use at your local grocery store, I love this company! It is what I call printing money with my kids because we save so much using our internet coupons at the local stores. This is totally free to use and does not cost you anything and most grocery stores and other big stores take them. Where ever you would usually use coupons you can use these too usually.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Remember to Get Your Batteries for Free with Staples Rewards Refund

Remember that you can do the Staples promotion once per week according to the site. Please double check their rules to make sure they have not changed them, this is a great money maker. You can do the Ebates and get money back! Get $5.00 for signing up with them then a percentage back! Mine already posted for last weeks free batteries. I made $1.31 through the Ebates myself. If you are a new user and sign up through my Ebates link then you would not only get the 1.31 but you also get $5.oo, that is a total of $6.31 back plus the batteries. Remember to make sure you a Staples member and they even have a special program for teachers that gives a higher rebate amount overall. Isn't free nice, +6.31 in your pocket. "Buy 20pk of Duracell batteries, get 100% back in Staples Rewards - it's like getting free batteries!" According to the Staples site. Remeber you can get two packs per week so 40 'free' batteries either double or tripple a.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Estee Lauder Lip Gloss No Purchase Neccessary! Dec 5, 2009

Find your local retailer and get Free Lip Gloss and a Free 2-minute hand massage all with no purchase necessary. I got this from an email from them. Don't know where they are? Here is a link to the finder site for Estee Lauder

Remeber to support the girls college goals and click on the ads on the site if you are interested in them, thanks!

Free Hershey calendar and coupons by mail with proof of purchase

As seen on, get a free calendar and coupons with this mail in.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

EBAY Free five listings, then 50% tomorrow

"Seller Special: 50% OFF SALE
One day only! Dec 2

Applies to Auction-style listings
List your items for the holiday shoppers
First 5 items still list FREE"
Please see Ebay for more information. This is a great opportunity to make some holiday cash and clean out those closets.

PS Don't forget about the contest, see posting down below, a chance to win free Ghiradelli chocolate

Free Pink Panty from Victoria's Secret with any Pink Purchase!

Get a FREE limited edition Pink panty from Victoria’s Secret with any Pink purchase! This is valid for Pink nation members only, so be sure to register if you’re not already a member.
Go here to this link and print out the coupon, you may have to sign up for the Pink program.
Expires 12/7/09.

Buy one get one free Egg Coupons

"Do you remember the great BOGO egg coupons we were able to print in October? Well, America's Egg Farmers are at it again! The Good Egg Project emailed to let me know that tomorrow December 2 they will be releasing another BOGO coupon for eggs! This coupon will be available at 9 am CST and only available to the first 10,000 people that take the pledge to "Eat Good" I will remind you again tomorrow about this great coupon but I wanted to give you the heads up about this as I know many of you missed out last time!" according to

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Printable Christmas Chain

I just made this Christmas Countdown Chain with my daughter Alixia. Just print out the three pages and cut them into strips. The files are located on the right side of the page at the top of the column. Then tape or glue the ends together to form a chain. See the picture of my daughter Alixia modeling our chain that we made. Please also remember to click on the ads if you like this project and help to fund Alixia's and Zoe's college education.

Happy Holidays!

Please also post if you liked this and tried it. It is an original project that I just made today. So if you have friends, send them over to the web site to print it too.

Free $25 sharpie products and Staples credit for double a and tripple a batteries!

Staples is the place for these great freebies! Also go through Ebates and get %2 back, so this is a money making deal for you, plus if you sign up for the Ebates through my link you will get a bonus $5 from Ebates! So you could end up making a nice profit, plus you get free sharpie products and free batteries. If you do not need the Sharpie products please give them to your local children's center. Our local one is the Cuesta College Children's Center if you want to donate it to them. If you do you can get a tax write off. What a great deal win-win.

To do this offer just go to the Staples web site. Add at least $25 of Sharpie brand products to your cart. Also add the two twenty packs of batteries to your cart. You only need one coupon code, 96140, this is for the free Sharpie products. The coupons are not working properly right now but you can call Staples later in the week and they will credit your account according to the voicemail on their 800 number. You could also wait and talk to someone and have them do an immediate adjustment, but the wait time was two hours when I just called. So it tells you to order then call later in the week to ask for the adjustment.

Also make sure to sign up for the Staples rewards, they give you bonus items and rewards depending on what you buy, like the free batteries, that is how they work. You buy the batteries and they give you a 'refund' through the staples rewards program for the purchase price. So it is like getting them for free.

Don't forget to enter my contest below as well for free chocolate!

Weekly College Savings Update

Well the Blog is up to $67.06. That is up $24.96 for the last seven days! That is great. However it is only going at about 10% of our goal rate, so please click more on the ads if you are interested in them. Alixia and Zoe thank you so much for helping us with our goal. Also make sure to enter the Ghiradelli contest on my Blog. See the previous post for details. The Upromise is still at $200.66. Not much progress their. So the new total is $267.72. At least it is a jump from the last post.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Great Ghiradelli Deal & Free Ghiradelli Chocolate Contest

Do you love chocolate as much as I do? If so you'll be interested in this fantastic deal I found. "Luxe Premium Milk Chocolate Assortment Stand Up Bag, 22.38 oz and contains 50 assorted Luxe Milk Singles: Milk, Almond, Hazelnut, & Crip." It is listed at the price of $7.95. If you use the 15% off coupon then you save even more. Plus they have flat $5 shipping right now no matter what you buy, no code needed. Please click here to shop through Upromise so that the girls get some college money. Also the coupon code is upromise15. It is not good on 'sale' items, they also have a coupon on their web site for free shipping over $50, but you can only use one coupon. So do the math and figure out what deal is good for you. I am looking forward to getting the great chocolates!!! Where else can you get 22.38 ounces of great chocolate for $6.76 with the coupon?

To sweeten this deal up, I will give away a free bag of these chocolates to a lucky winner. All you have to do is first click on an ad on the right side of the screen, yes this helps give my daughters their college education, then email me with a comment saying what ad you looked at and what your favorite ghiradelli chocolate item is. Since this Blog is new and has very few followers, hi mom, then you may have a great opportunity to win free and easy chocolate. To enter this contest you must email me by 12/10/09. That way they will send me my chocolates that I ordered so I can send you yours if you are the winner.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Free 8X10 Collage, today only! Pick up in store and free shipping too

Walgreens: FREE 8x10 Photo Collage-11/27 ONLY!

Walgreens is offering up a FREE 8x10 photo collage today, November 27th ONLY! Just go on over here and use coupon code FINDJOY at checkout. Plus, choose in-store pickup to score FREE shipping!
that is where I found out about this.

It worked for me and I also did the calendar's for 70% off, the problem with them though is you have to pay shipping. So the end price is higher, the more you buy the better because they charge 1.99 S/H after first item price of 5.99. If you get a few it will average out to about $5 per calendar maybe a little more, but I figure what nice gifts. DESK70 is the code for this deal and you can double up on deals but you may want to separate the orders so that you get the free shipping on the print, otherwise they charge you $.99 for shipping on top of the calendars.

2 fantastic Nestle Coupons
This printed as $1.00 off one package of chocolate chips and $1.50 off one package of the great referigerated cookies. I make these all the time with my girls. Alixia just loves to watch the cookies as they bake in the toaster oven, then of course she loves helping me to eat them after they are baked. Soon, Zoe will be able to join us to in enjoying these great cookies.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Toys R Us Extra Savings when Using PayPal

Save an extra $10 when you buy $50, code is PPBLACK at checkout. I got this in my email from them. That is like getting an extra 20% off plus all the great black Friday deals. Only good through 11/29/09, so hurry up and get it.

Some Great Deals that Will Help You Save More, Bath and Body Works

Make sure to also go through Ebates as they have a %3 rebate for this store. If you are not already an Ebates member please use my referral, and then this will be added to the girls college fund goals. I think the girls get $5 when you purchase something through Ebates after using our referral code. So thanks!!!

TENOFF - $10 off any purchase of $30 or more [] [Exp. 11/29/09] (Combines with FREESHIP65)
FREESHIP65 - Free Shipping with any purchase of $65 or more [] [Exp. 11/29/09] (Combines with TENOFF)
9678 - Free Signature Collection travel-size item with any purchase [] [Exp. 12/02/09]
SHIP40 - Free Shipping and Handling with Your $40 Purchase on Any U.S. Order [] [Exp. 12/24/09]
1419 - $10 off any purchase of $40 or more [] [Exp. 01/31/10]

Do you like doing surveys?

Do you enjoy doing surveys, there are several that actually will pay you either with PayPal cash or with gift cards. These pay various rates. If you are interested in finding out more about the legitimate survey sites email me at with Surveys as the subject and I will get you hooked up with the best sites. I have been doing this for several years so I know which ones are real and which ones are a waste of time. Plus if you sign up for any of these the girls college fund will also grow as they usually have programs that give a bonus for me to sign up new clients, so it is a win win situation. Then once you sign up you can get some of your friends to sign up to.

Making Money with Blog Advertising, Money for College

fundraiser ideas

I am going to be doing hopefully weekly updates as to how much the site is supposed to be making when you the readers click on the advertisements on this Blog. It was amazing to me how much it was for a click. I thought it would be like one or two cents if your lucky, but according to the numbers the amount is far higher. So if you are interested in the ad sense ads, please click!

I have had this page up for a couple of months and now want to put more into it. There will be some great give aways and other options. Definitely more great deals. Like did you get in on the free photo book from Photo Works with the code BONNIE? I ordered this and their was even free shipping. Didn't cost a dime and what a nice keepsake.

So what are the numbers today: So far according to the adsense web site the Blog has made a total of $50.30. I have not received a check as of yet, so I will see if they follow through. This like many programs has a thresh-hold that you must meet and I am not really that clear what it is? I am hoping to answer this and will let you know too when we get the first check. Just in this month it says that the Blog has had a total of 340 clicks, 20 clicks on the ads and $27.05 for those clicks. Not bad!

Next week I will update the numbers and let you know if we and when we get a check. My goal for my two girls is $100,000.00 for their college educations, which probably wont pay all their expenses but hopefully it will put a significant dent in it. I am also doing the Upromise program, when you click here and shop the girls get a percentage of what you buy as a kickback from the company. Usually 1% or 2%, it is not much but every little bit helps. If you would like to sign up as our friend under Upromise let me know and I will email you an invite.

So with the Upromise we have made to date $200.66. So Between the two programs so far we have a college fund of $250.96. I am going to make up a goal thermometer to post on the site as well and will update it appropriately. Even though this may not sound like a large start, it is a start. I have a few years to work on it as the girls are 5 months old and 2 years old. So if we get the real checks from both of these companies then we are down to only $99, 749.04 left until we get to our goal. So please if interested in the adsense ads, click on them and help us meet our goals.

Great Black Friday Freebies!!!

Here is a list of great freebies you can get on Friday, make sure to check with your local company to make sure they are participating. Some items do also require a rebate to make the items free.

Thanks to the freebie blogger!

Ace Hardware – Free Staple Gun and Screwdriver Set

Bealls Florida – Free Ornament

Bob Evans – Free Slice of Pumpkin Pie

Costco – Free Cookbook

Dunkin Donuts – Free Coffee Sample at Mall Locations

Drugstores - CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens

GGP Malls – Free Tote Bag with Goodies

Half Price Books – Free Tote Bag and $5 Gift Card

IKEA – Free Breakfast

JCPenney – Free Snow Globe & $10 off Coupon

Macy’s - Free Ocean Spray Craisins Samples

Mayfair Mall – Free $15 Gift Voucher (WI only)

McDonalds – Free Coffee (Chicagoland/NW Indiana Only)

Meijer – Free 22 Piece Cutlery Set

Office Depot – Free Software

Pep Boys – Free Peak Flashlight

Prime Outlets – Free Gift Bags w/Coupons, Jockey Sleepwear & More

Quick Chek – Free Medium Coffee For Cutomers

REI – Free Gift Card and Tote Bag

Sam’s Club - Free Breakfast

Smokey Bones - Free Appetizer

Sport Authority – Free Bonus Bucks Card Worth $10-$500

Staples – Free Remote, Calculator, Software & Batteries

Target – Free Reusable Tote Bag

Target – Free Medium Soda at Cafe

Westfield Malls – Free Gift From Real Simple

World Market – Free Ornament

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I just updated the site with a fantastic listing of blogs, look down on the lower right side of this Blog, just scroll down. Printing out coupons from these and other web sites will allow you to save a monumental amount of money! I have even gotten several items for free by using all of my resources. Just click on the most updated resources to see how to do the deals. I love this because I can have them do the work, and I can use all of their great resources. They even link to the printable coupons. It is like printing money and it is free!

Sorry for not posting in a while, but I have been busy with the newest addition to our family, Zoe. Zoe was born in June this year and is our best reason for couponing and saving money. Zoe goes through a lot of diapers, so links to great $3 off diapers are great. On these sites they will show you how you can combine that with rebates and other great deals that are out their as well.

Rite Aid currently has some outspoken deals where you can get many items free or you can even make a profit on them if you do it right. They are prominently listed in their ad and on their web site. Just go and check them out to save tons!

Another short tip is to look for short term specials. Many of the stores have short sales. Like today and tomorrow at Vons they have pumpkins 2 for the price of one and a few other fantastic deals. Soup for 60 cents a can, that you can also use the $1/2 cans from the Campbels web site. Remember too, always look for in store sales. Stores will often have a clearance area. If they have an on site bakery also make sure to check out the day old section. If the bread they made yesterday was not sold yesterday a lot of times you can get it at a great discount. I always shop this section. What I do is freeze whatever I buy as soon as I get home from the store. So I often end up with six great rolls for under $1. These are the bakery fresh rolls, so they are great for sandwiches and other uses and they are dirt cheap!

Annual Learning Disabilities Conference

This is a great inexpensive conference that features two renowned speakers, William R. Jenson, Ph.D. andLawrence Diller, M.D.. According to the conference web site, "Dr. Jenson, Ph.D. has worked for many years with behaviorally disordered children. Dr. Jenson is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Utah . For the past 15 years, he has been an active staff development presenter and consultant for many school districts, mental health centers, and parent organizations. He is probably best known for coauthoring The Tough Kid Book and The Tough Kid Tool Box . " and "Dr. Diller, M.D . is a behavioral/developmental pediatrician in Walnut Creek , CA and on the clinical faculty of the University of California , San Francisco . Dr. Diller is the author of many professional articles and the books, Running on Ritalin and The Last Normal Child. Dr. Diller has appeared on nearly every major talk show several times and is called regularly to speak on TV and radio whenever children's psychiatric medication is in the news. "
The cost for the conference is $45 for regular preadmission and $15 for students with proof of enrollment. Lots of instructors will also be giving extra credit for students to attend this great conference. This also includes food and drinks in the morning and a great Mexican buffet lunch! This is a great bargain! Some professional units are also available, see the web site for more information. Hope to see you at this great conference.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Money for College, BOGG, DSPS, EOPS and Other Resources

Please help me send my little one, Alixia, to College at no cost to you. When you use this link, they are supposed to credit her account. Once you try mine I highly recommend that you sign up as well for yourself so that if you have any friends or relatives that could use some free money for college you could also earn for them. So far I have already earned over $190 by signing up for this program. I have not bought anything special, just typed in my grocery rewards card numbers and they credit my account when I buy products that I use everyday. Upromise seems to be legitimate and has been around for quite a while at this time.
Another way to pay for college fees that a lot of students don't realize, if you are attending a California Community College is the Board of Governor's Grant, commonly referred to as a BOGG. I work at a community college and see that a lot of students don't even realize that this opportunity exist. There are several ways to qualify for the BOGG and lots of students do. The easiest way to find out about it is to go the web site for your local community college and go to their financial aid office page. They should have a link where you can print out more information and the application. It usually is composed of answering a few simple questions and providing proof of income. Here is a link for the BOGG for California residents:
Finally, remember that there are several other programs in California Community Colleges that help financially and with appropriate services. These special programs that you may be eligible for include, Disabled Students Services & Programs(DSPS) here is a link to the DSPS program at Santa Barbara City College which discusses the eligibility criteria and services offered:, Extended Opportunities Programs & Services(EOPS) here is a link to the EOPS program at Chaffey College which discusses the eligibility criteria and services offered:, and several other programs are available if you simply do a search on support services.
If you want to attend college it is possible, you are even in a better place usually with a lower income and a higher need level. Anyone who wants to go to college can. It is only a little research and maybe a lot of paperwork that may stand in your way. When deciding to take out loans I would also recommend that you do you research. Most students that I see really don't need loans but they see this money as being free, even though the long term costs can be prohibitive. Instead I would encourage you to look into scholarships and other funding sources such as the ones discussed here. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is out there in terms of financial support. Look in on future blogs to find out more tips for financial help with college.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

FREE Food at T.G.I. Fridays

The first great item that I love is for those of you who have a T.G.I. Friday's restaurant near you. Don't forget that if you travel, they can often be found in larger metropolitan areas as well. Sign up for their Give Me More Stripes program. When you sign up they will give you a free appetizer. Did I say FREE, yes free. They are also always sending me emails for other freebies and tons of 2 for 1 offers.

Even though there is no T.G.I. Friday's by me, I decided to sign up for when I travel. I love to be able to travel on a budget, so FREE is definitely in my vocabulary for eating out. To activate this offer just go to their home page at, then click on the link near the bottom of the page that says SIGN UP NOW.

They even have some other great promos going as well right now, it shows appetizers 1 cent when you purchase any beverage in the bar and $1 entree when you buy another, make sure to see their site for these promotional details. All from signing up for this free offer by April 30th. Also make sure that everytime you go in to eat that you show your loyalty card to earn more freebies and discounts from them. Let me know how successful you are with this promotion and if you want more like this. Vote in the poll to the right.

Welcome to a No Nonsense Approach to Living Better and to Having More Wealth

Suze Orman, my daughter, and myself
at a confernece in Anaheim, CA

I am starting this blog to share with you how to make some extra money from the web. As long as the Internet has had opportunities to make money from it I have. Contests, free money, freebies from manufactures, and anything in between has come my way from this hobby. Years back I even made over $3,000 from EBay one summer month selling items from around the house. Back then their was no Pay Pal or any other conveniences, so that was a huge deal.

One of my biggest monetary wins from the Internet was when I won a $10,000.00 scholarship for taking about twenty minutes to fill out an application for a new book store who was offering scholarships. After filling out the application I totally forgot about it and one day came home from work to find an email telling me that I won the $10,000.00 scholarship. All from just filling out a twenty minute application. Other interesting prizes that I have won include going to the announcements of the Grammies where I got to socialize in the Green room with many of the music industries giants. Although I did not know many of them, they were all kind. Some other prizes over the years that I have won include, a computer, a vacuum, a case of salsa and tortilla chips, too many hats and t-shirts to count, cash, a kids pinball machine and bubble package, a Sony PlayStation 1 & 2, and too many other things to list.

Besides these items, I am also the shopping queen. My friends all know that if they need to purchase something, they should first check with me. I constantly save tons of money at the grocery store and will be sharing those tricks with you as well. Besides shopping for items I also get tons of trial products. Products where manufactures want you to try them out and give them feedback. If you like the product then they also have you help them by sharing the information with your friends and family. Sometimes they just want your opinion and they pay you for it. Dollar bills in the mail have come many times to my house for just answering a few questions.

Several sites also will pay you to click and shop through them or to do searches with them. I will be exploring the legitimate sites and telling you what to steer clear from. One that used to be very lucrative, that is no longer around was the Beans site. There are a few promising sites that I will provide links to that are along the same lines...look for these soon.

Finally, practical government programs will be explored and I will let you in on some of the ins and outs for these sites. I went personally from living comfortably on less then $600 month to making a very decent income and living in a bay front house, mostly with the help of governmental programs. Please feel free to comment and ask questions if you have any. Plus make sure to tell all your friends and colleagues about this blog so that you can share the wealth.