Saturday, December 26, 2009

Easiest Way to Make Money Save Money. Print Free Coupons Anytime.

The easiest way to make money is to save money by printing out printable coupons from the internet. I love the fact that I can plan out my shopping trip and often get items for free or severely discounted with the coupons that I print out. If you combine sales with the printed coupons, you can save or make a ton of money. My two year old daughter refers to it as printing money because it saves us so much. Most will allow you print the coupon twice. Make sure to check back often as well because they are always adding coupons.Why Wait for the Sunday Paper? Print Free Coupons Anytime

I love the coupons too that allow you to do them as doubles or even triples, some stores still do that. This last year KMART had several double days and so I was often able to save $6 on a package of $10 diapers. Plus they even had a bonus rebate when you bought $50 worth of diapers, so I was able to double dip as I call it. Use a coupon and get a rebate.

At first this may all seem overwhelming. After a little practice you will get the hang of it and it will become addicting. Who doesn't like them taking 50% or more off of the grocery bill? My suggestions is to start easy. Click on the My Coupons link for some great coupons. Print out a couple of coupons, make sure they are for things you will use. Then take them to the store with you and use them the next time you buy those products.

Make sure that when you use coupons that you keep an eye on the epiration dates. Most stores do not take expired coupons. Most Base stores do take them from what I am told, so if you do have expired coupons you may want to send them to our military people for them to use.

Enough for now...go print some coupons and try them out. Save Money. Print Free Coupons Anytime.

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