Friday, December 4, 2009

Remember to Get Your Batteries for Free with Staples Rewards Refund

Remember that you can do the Staples promotion once per week according to the site. Please double check their rules to make sure they have not changed them, this is a great money maker. You can do the Ebates and get money back! Get $5.00 for signing up with them then a percentage back! Mine already posted for last weeks free batteries. I made $1.31 through the Ebates myself. If you are a new user and sign up through my Ebates link then you would not only get the 1.31 but you also get $5.oo, that is a total of $6.31 back plus the batteries. Remember to make sure you a Staples member and they even have a special program for teachers that gives a higher rebate amount overall. Isn't free nice, +6.31 in your pocket. "Buy 20pk of Duracell batteries, get 100% back in Staples Rewards - it's like getting free batteries!" According to the Staples site. Remeber you can get two packs per week so 40 'free' batteries either double or tripple a.

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