Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cheap Lightbulbs at Target!

GE Reveal light bulbs are on sale this week for $2 a four pack and on their web site is a $1.50 coupon off on them.  So for fifty cents you can get four great light bulbs.  At Target remember too that you can usually double up on coupons, so that means you can use one Target coupon and one regular manufactures coupon.  If you have any manufactures coupon for the GE Reveal light bulbs, you could easily get these free this week!

Also while their check out their other great specials and their is a Target coupon on the above coupons link for $1 off Eggo Pancakes or Waffles.  Again, you can double up if you use this coupon with a manufactures coupon. 

Finally, they have the new Alice in Wonderland Pack on sale and their is a $10 off coupon available on the Disney Movie club web site when you log in, just do a search on Yahoo for Alice in Wonderland coupon.  I found it super easy and this is great practice for you.  If you have a problem finding it post here and I will put a specific link to it.

Have a great safe holiday! 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Walmart Rollbacks

If you are a Walmart bargain shopper, then this is the time to get over their!  They currently have tons of Rollbacks on popular items like Ketchup, 40 oz Heinz $1, Tide, and even Toilet Paper on rollbacks.  They have some others as well, look on the web site and then check out your local store.  This is the time to stock up on some of the roll back items.  Don't forget to use your coupons as well.

Yesterday, we got the Tide laundry detergent for less then $2 each because we had a $3 off coupon.  We also got a great deal on the baby wipes, they had a $2 off /2 coupon on the coupon link above that you can print out, and the wipes are about $2 each so we got our favorite wipes for about $1.  So make sure you click on the coupon link above and then head over their and stock up before the unroll the roll backs.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Avilla Valley Barn - Free Central Coast Fun For the Whole Family

Want a fun exscursion for your family that is free?  Then this is for you.  The Avila Valley Barn is a great place for the whole family.  They offer a great assortment of animals for the children to feed along with other fun family activities.  If you do want to spend a little money, you can get some decadent homemade ice cream and lots of other goodies to take home, including fresh pies and jams.  There is also an abundance of produce and other specialty items available to purchase.  Visit their web site for additional informaiton.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back from DC- A Little off Topic, but Oh So Important...

What an interesting and fulfilling trip. This was my first time to DC and it was well worth it. I got to meet people from across the US who help to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and industry representatives as well. Here is a picture of Congresswoman Lois Capps and myself and a picture of part of the group who was in DC.

The trip was sponsored by the industry to bring in consumer advocates to help educate those on the hill about the specialized needs of complex rehab medical equipment, like electric wheelchairs.  I also emphasized my personal agenda, getting the old outdated concept that Social Security uses when looking at people with disabilities, the inside the four walls concept.  It is used to suppress people with disabilities and to still keep them in their homes, it is only in getting rid of this, then all people with disabilities will be able to be productive members of society to the greatest extent possible.  Otherwise, Social Security and Medicare, which carries over to many private insurers as well, only look at what a person with a disability needs in getting around inside the four walls of their home.  An old and very outdated concept that perpetuates stereotypes and prejudices. 

All of the people that I personally visited seem to be on board with the proposals and were very supportive of people with disabilities in general.  So hopefully this will be changed so that people with complex rehab equipment needs, will be able to get what they need for inside and outside of their homes.