Thursday, November 26, 2009

Making Money with Blog Advertising, Money for College

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I am going to be doing hopefully weekly updates as to how much the site is supposed to be making when you the readers click on the advertisements on this Blog. It was amazing to me how much it was for a click. I thought it would be like one or two cents if your lucky, but according to the numbers the amount is far higher. So if you are interested in the ad sense ads, please click!

I have had this page up for a couple of months and now want to put more into it. There will be some great give aways and other options. Definitely more great deals. Like did you get in on the free photo book from Photo Works with the code BONNIE? I ordered this and their was even free shipping. Didn't cost a dime and what a nice keepsake.

So what are the numbers today: So far according to the adsense web site the Blog has made a total of $50.30. I have not received a check as of yet, so I will see if they follow through. This like many programs has a thresh-hold that you must meet and I am not really that clear what it is? I am hoping to answer this and will let you know too when we get the first check. Just in this month it says that the Blog has had a total of 340 clicks, 20 clicks on the ads and $27.05 for those clicks. Not bad!

Next week I will update the numbers and let you know if we and when we get a check. My goal for my two girls is $100,000.00 for their college educations, which probably wont pay all their expenses but hopefully it will put a significant dent in it. I am also doing the Upromise program, when you click here and shop the girls get a percentage of what you buy as a kickback from the company. Usually 1% or 2%, it is not much but every little bit helps. If you would like to sign up as our friend under Upromise let me know and I will email you an invite.

So with the Upromise we have made to date $200.66. So Between the two programs so far we have a college fund of $250.96. I am going to make up a goal thermometer to post on the site as well and will update it appropriately. Even though this may not sound like a large start, it is a start. I have a few years to work on it as the girls are 5 months old and 2 years old. So if we get the real checks from both of these companies then we are down to only $99, 749.04 left until we get to our goal. So please if interested in the adsense ads, click on them and help us meet our goals.

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