Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alice - Free Shipping & $10 off $50 for new customers

What a great service. If you have not tried Alice yet, you need to. They offer free shipping on every order, $10 off your first accumulation of $50, and on top of that they have great coupons that are taken off instantly. My first order with them was for about $25 after all my discounts and deals, and I got tons of stuff.

This is a great company to because they have those basic items that everyone needs. I order baby food from them that is far cheaper from them then the local companies. My little girl loves the Gerber pasta and cheese pick-ups and they sell them for $1.10 regular price. At the local Vons, they are $1.69. So I not only save lots of money but it is convenient as well. With the free shipping I can order what I need when I need it. They also remind me when I might be running low on an item.

When you click on their link you will get the $10 off $50 or more sign up bonus. I used this on my first order, but I believe they will combine your orders if you do not order $50 on the first time.

My strategy to with them is see what is on sale with their coupons, you can save tons by doing this. If you need other tips post and I will try to give some more money saving strategies for Alice.

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