Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fun Super Easy Project to do with Toddlers - Forest of Trees

This is a great fun easy project to do with your little ones. It is super easy and has a very quick set up time. Items needed are: Sugar cones, pre made frosting, green food coloring, any candy decorations that you want to add.

First, take the frosting can and open it, then add green food color until you achieve the green that you want for your scene. Next, take some of the frosting and frost the bottom of a plate generously. Then take one of the sugar cones and coat with the green frosting. Place the completed tree in the frosting on the plate. Repeat these steps to make as many trees as you want, or will fit on your plate. Next take the candies and decorate the trees.

The kids love this! Not only is it fun but if their are any messes a lick will usually clean it up. (Make sure to wash your hands properly of course if you are going to share your trees with others) Refrigerate till ready to serve.

Extra decorations can be used on your gingerbread projects or in holiday cookies.

Put some snow or powder sugar on top after you refrigerate your creation for an extra snowey effect.

Let me know how this worked for you. My little girl loved doing it.

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