Saturday, December 26, 2009

Easiest Way to Make Money Save Money. Print Free Coupons Anytime.

The easiest way to make money is to save money by printing out printable coupons from the internet. I love the fact that I can plan out my shopping trip and often get items for free or severely discounted with the coupons that I print out. If you combine sales with the printed coupons, you can save or make a ton of money. My two year old daughter refers to it as printing money because it saves us so much. Most will allow you print the coupon twice. Make sure to check back often as well because they are always adding coupons.Why Wait for the Sunday Paper? Print Free Coupons Anytime

I love the coupons too that allow you to do them as doubles or even triples, some stores still do that. This last year KMART had several double days and so I was often able to save $6 on a package of $10 diapers. Plus they even had a bonus rebate when you bought $50 worth of diapers, so I was able to double dip as I call it. Use a coupon and get a rebate.

At first this may all seem overwhelming. After a little practice you will get the hang of it and it will become addicting. Who doesn't like them taking 50% or more off of the grocery bill? My suggestions is to start easy. Click on the My Coupons link for some great coupons. Print out a couple of coupons, make sure they are for things you will use. Then take them to the store with you and use them the next time you buy those products.

Make sure that when you use coupons that you keep an eye on the epiration dates. Most stores do not take expired coupons. Most Base stores do take them from what I am told, so if you do have expired coupons you may want to send them to our military people for them to use.

Enough for now...go print some coupons and try them out. Save Money. Print Free Coupons Anytime.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fun Super Easy Project to do with Toddlers - Forest of Trees

This is a great fun easy project to do with your little ones. It is super easy and has a very quick set up time. Items needed are: Sugar cones, pre made frosting, green food coloring, any candy decorations that you want to add.

First, take the frosting can and open it, then add green food color until you achieve the green that you want for your scene. Next, take some of the frosting and frost the bottom of a plate generously. Then take one of the sugar cones and coat with the green frosting. Place the completed tree in the frosting on the plate. Repeat these steps to make as many trees as you want, or will fit on your plate. Next take the candies and decorate the trees.

The kids love this! Not only is it fun but if their are any messes a lick will usually clean it up. (Make sure to wash your hands properly of course if you are going to share your trees with others) Refrigerate till ready to serve.

Extra decorations can be used on your gingerbread projects or in holiday cookies.

Put some snow or powder sugar on top after you refrigerate your creation for an extra snowey effect.

Let me know how this worked for you. My little girl loved doing it.

Downlad 25 Free Christmas Songs- Hurry before their gone

Just click here-

Free 25 Christmas Songs

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Free Fresco Taco from Taco Bell for first 1 million

Free Fresco Taco - Click here

Here is a great freebie! Remember to that a lot of Taco Bells also give senior citizens a free drink with purchase. My parents love this place!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alice - Free Shipping & $10 off $50 for new customers

What a great service. If you have not tried Alice yet, you need to. They offer free shipping on every order, $10 off your first accumulation of $50, and on top of that they have great coupons that are taken off instantly. My first order with them was for about $25 after all my discounts and deals, and I got tons of stuff.

This is a great company to because they have those basic items that everyone needs. I order baby food from them that is far cheaper from them then the local companies. My little girl loves the Gerber pasta and cheese pick-ups and they sell them for $1.10 regular price. At the local Vons, they are $1.69. So I not only save lots of money but it is convenient as well. With the free shipping I can order what I need when I need it. They also remind me when I might be running low on an item.

When you click on their link you will get the $10 off $50 or more sign up bonus. I used this on my first order, but I believe they will combine your orders if you do not order $50 on the first time.

My strategy to with them is see what is on sale with their coupons, you can save tons by doing this. If you need other tips post and I will try to give some more money saving strategies for Alice.

$5 Refund from Oh' Nuts to post a link to their site

Just thought I would put a small blurb about this. They will give you $5 back to post a link to their site from your blog. I love rebates and deals and goodies. This is like a bonus kickback.

Irresistible nuts, candies and chocolate

PS Look for other coupons too, when I ordered from their site I had totally free shipping, so I got to double dip! Yummy!

Free $4 credit for Amazon Video on Demand

Click here to put in code Go to this link and put in the code AVODGIFT
I Love this, free movies right on your computer or TV if you have it set up for that!

Friday, December 11, 2009


These are great toys, or learning tools for kids and adults three and up. Right now they have a great deal on lots of great products. This is from an email I just received from Paul, "Free Shipping on EVERYTHING! a special secret stocking stuffer with any order by December 18th. We're not telling what, but it's a beautiful, veeery limited edition item, not available on our web site (or anywhere else), that is guaranteed to please any Zometool enthusiast and, really, just about anyone! Anyway, to claim your free shipping on anything we make, use promotion code "tasteful"."

So if you think these are as great as I do make sure to order by the 18th to get the free shipping and free secret stocking stuffer. I am not sure that I am supposed to share this, so you better hurry before they run out of the stocking stuffers! Let them know I sent you, Paul is a friend of the family's.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Ghiradelli Chocolate

I wanted to report that today in the mail I received a free sampling of Ghiradelli Peanut Butter Chocolates and some coupons from them. Thanks so much, SheSpeaks! They have sent some many great samplings. Don't forget to that coincidentally we have a drawing for free Ghiradelli chocolates. Just post a comment on the site or email me at Please also tell your friends about the site if you enjoy it. I will try to continue to update it as much as possible with the best offers and great new ads and incentives that they offer. Just like some that I posted earlier.

A Couple other Great Offers-

This one gives a free photo enlargement:

This is a great offer for a free $55 value canvas picture you just pay shipping and handling, I have heard from others that this is a great deal and that they are very happy with the results:

New Advertisers!

Some Really Great Deals, I have gone to a new advertising set. See some of the great deals, and I will be posting more great ones later. On the coupon site you can print out some great coupons for some really good deals, then on the Vista site you can get some great free stuff, see ads and sites for more details. I will also be posting more of these links, the new advertiser I am using has tons of great deals all available by clicking on their adds.

Great New Offers

After going through there listing of current offers, I thought these were amoung their best.

This link will give you some great coupons to use at your local grocery store, I love this company! It is what I call printing money with my kids because we save so much using our internet coupons at the local stores. This is totally free to use and does not cost you anything and most grocery stores and other big stores take them. Where ever you would usually use coupons you can use these too usually.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Remember to Get Your Batteries for Free with Staples Rewards Refund

Remember that you can do the Staples promotion once per week according to the site. Please double check their rules to make sure they have not changed them, this is a great money maker. You can do the Ebates and get money back! Get $5.00 for signing up with them then a percentage back! Mine already posted for last weeks free batteries. I made $1.31 through the Ebates myself. If you are a new user and sign up through my Ebates link then you would not only get the 1.31 but you also get $5.oo, that is a total of $6.31 back plus the batteries. Remember to make sure you a Staples member and they even have a special program for teachers that gives a higher rebate amount overall. Isn't free nice, +6.31 in your pocket. "Buy 20pk of Duracell batteries, get 100% back in Staples Rewards - it's like getting free batteries!" According to the Staples site. Remeber you can get two packs per week so 40 'free' batteries either double or tripple a.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Free Estee Lauder Lip Gloss No Purchase Neccessary! Dec 5, 2009

Find your local retailer and get Free Lip Gloss and a Free 2-minute hand massage all with no purchase necessary. I got this from an email from them. Don't know where they are? Here is a link to the finder site for Estee Lauder

Remeber to support the girls college goals and click on the ads on the site if you are interested in them, thanks!

Free Hershey calendar and coupons by mail with proof of purchase

As seen on, get a free calendar and coupons with this mail in.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

EBAY Free five listings, then 50% tomorrow

"Seller Special: 50% OFF SALE
One day only! Dec 2

Applies to Auction-style listings
List your items for the holiday shoppers
First 5 items still list FREE"
Please see Ebay for more information. This is a great opportunity to make some holiday cash and clean out those closets.

PS Don't forget about the contest, see posting down below, a chance to win free Ghiradelli chocolate

Free Pink Panty from Victoria's Secret with any Pink Purchase!

Get a FREE limited edition Pink panty from Victoria’s Secret with any Pink purchase! This is valid for Pink nation members only, so be sure to register if you’re not already a member.
Go here to this link and print out the coupon, you may have to sign up for the Pink program.
Expires 12/7/09.

Buy one get one free Egg Coupons

"Do you remember the great BOGO egg coupons we were able to print in October? Well, America's Egg Farmers are at it again! The Good Egg Project emailed to let me know that tomorrow December 2 they will be releasing another BOGO coupon for eggs! This coupon will be available at 9 am CST and only available to the first 10,000 people that take the pledge to "Eat Good" I will remind you again tomorrow about this great coupon but I wanted to give you the heads up about this as I know many of you missed out last time!" according to