Sunday, January 31, 2010

Valentine's Day Lollipop Flowers

Here is an easy item to make and lots of fun to give and to receive.

First start by making a pattern on plain paper, I like to fold paper over and cut to make symmetrical hearts.

Here is a test flower with the lollipop inserted.

Looks good!

Here is one made on printed scrapbooking paper.

Here are the girls enjoying the final lollipop flowers. Bet they don't last long!

These lollipop flowers are not only fun to make they are fun to give, receive and eat. Very fast project that does not take long to make. Just fold paper in 1/4's then cut out hearts. Next either use uhu glue or some other tape to hold the flowers together. Then punch hole with hole punch in center of the flower. Finally insert the lollipop and tape flower to hold the lollipop in place.


If you try this send us your results and we will post them or you can comment on your success.

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