Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stock Up on Diaper Time

It seems that this week and next week is stock up on diaper time. Target is having some great deals, as our several other stores. Look around in your area if you have a little one and figure out which one is best for you. Also go to this link and their are several great coupons for Huggies diapers and wipes. Their was even a $2.50/1 coupon for me today.

Remember too that some stores will let you double up on the coupons, like Target. Use one of their coupons and the one you print out here. Depending on the deal you do you should be able to get a package of diapers for between $3-$5. A significant savings. I like to stock up on these sales, if you do not use diapers this would make a great tax write off opportunity. You could purchase the diapers at the sale price and then donate them to a hospital or local non-profit who helps new moms. Make sure of course to consult your tax consultant as I am not a tax expert.

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Another use for diapers to is in plants. If you cut the material out that soaks up the urine, then mix it into the potting soil it will hold lots of water. This is great for people who travel or forget to water their plants.

PS Remeber to sign up for ECoupons through Upromise and triple dip! Possibly free diapers all together!

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