Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crystal Tree Project - Continued

Well those crystals grew super fast. Within an hour the paper started to take in the mixture and it started sprouting the white structure. It was not exactly what I was expecting. The crystals grew at a fast pace and by the next morning they were all over and even growing around the plate. By the end of that day it was overgrown and blue was no longer the color of interest, but instead the crystals were taking over.

The crystals were of a texture similar to powder sugar. It was light and airy and definitely not very stable, as my little one jumped up and down with excitement the white crystals fragmented from the plate and started blowing in the air stream of the room. I then decided that this was the end of this project. What a learning experience. If you do this for a school project make sure to do it in the classroom, as the structure would not endure a drive or move to make it to the classroom. Also my plate did alright, I am going to put it in the dish washer tonight, but I think it will recover from the bluing.

If you try this, please add your comments and thoughts.

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