Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great Textbook Deals at Amazon

Since it is that time of the year, I decided to put up a great way to get a great deal on your textbooks for college. Remeber to that Alixia and Zoe get money for their college fund when you shop through our Amazon links. I have priced out the books for the classes that I teach and the money that you can save is tremendous. Online through the Amazon links you can get used books starting at fifty cents plus shipping, at the bookstore, no offense College bookstores the cost is over $70 for the same book.

If you are in the AC SK 19 class here is a link to the Amazon web site and the book for the class. Remeber to research individual sellers if you go that way on Amazon.

The AC SK 31 class book link is here. It is a bit more, but still discounted.

Remeber to that I will put the book on reserve in the library and that I leave my copy on my computer desk in the lab, just make sure to return it to the desk and please don't take my copy out of the lab if you use it.

PS If you need help finding your books for your other classes let me know and I will help you to find the best deal!

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