Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saving Money on your Monthly Bills

With the costs of most items rising, one way to save some money is to cut down on your normal monthly expenses.  One big expense for us was the television subscription, it was up to $69.99 a month and the picture quality was not cutting the mustard.  I am sure they would have come out to fix it, probably at an additional cost.  I called and did the official cancel.  Even after cancelling it, the already recorded items on the TIVO still work fine, so the girls are very happy with the Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse recordings. 
I have been very happy with all the free TV shows so far that we have found online.  They all play on our regular TV through a HDMI cable that I got dirt cheap off of Amazon.  Hit the link down below and do a search and you will find all kinds of great deals on HDMI cables if your TV will accept it and you have an HDMI out on your computer.  I simply then just route the TV shows to the TV through the computer. 

HULU, CBS, NBC, ABC, and their are a ton of others that offer free full legnth TV shows and even some free movies.  Just remember that you will be a day or two behind the people watching the shows on the regular TV.  Not a bad trade off to save $70 a month or $840 a year.  Just think if we get truly board we can always get some of those free red box rentals, I see those all the time too on the web. 
I haven't even connected the free digital  converter that we got with the coupon they had back a while ago from the government.  With that we should be able to get at least one or two networks through the airwaves.  Another suggetstion would be to have a DVD swap with your friends and co-workers.   If you have ten people who work in the office and each person brings in five DVD's to swap temporarily, then you would have over fifty movies to watch. 
You could also ask a friend to record something for you if you get totally desperate, but I doubt you will with the enormous selection online and through DVD's.
How much do you pay for your TV subscription?  Just think all that you could save.

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