Friday, March 12, 2010

Barbie Mermaid Party March 13, 2010 at Toys R Us

What little girl/boy doesn't love a doll? Check out your local Toys R Us to see if they are having a Barbie Mermaid Party!  From Noon to two PM most Toys R Us's will offer free Barbie Mermaid goodies for kids three and over.  If you have nothing to do tomorrow, then this might be the ticket.
Toys R Us is also offering a Barbie for $3.  I have heard through the grapevine, that many other stores are also featuring a Barbie for $3 as well, so check it out as I think this is a very limited time promotion, that may even end tomorrow. 
Mommy tips for the event:
  • Make sure to feed your little one some healthy treats before the event! 
  • Arrive early and make sure to stay attached to your little one
  • Also a good nights rest the night before or a quick refresher nap can make children happier for everyone's sake
  • Another tip is to bring a pocket portable camera, a lot of times they have special characters available at these types of events and how memorable is that, a picture says a thousand words
  • Make a scrapbook page that night to add to the scrapbook, nothing like getting it done fast while you still remember the particular memories
  • Lastly, make sure your kids know your the one in charge and what you say goes, so if they do get a little unruly don't be afraid to go home and take care of their needs 

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