Friday, February 18, 2011

Holiday Sales & Cyclicle Shopping

If you are in need of basic items, right now and over the holiday weekend are often a great time to find some great deals!  Remember that most items go through a cycle of being at 'normal' price, then they are on sale.  If you want to make purchases, I suggest keeping a price diary and look once every three days or once a week at the price of the item.  Even flights operate in this way.  Some industries like the travel even have days of the week where you may notice cheaper prices. 
After keeping track of the prices, you will start to notice cycles with the various classes of products and brands.  If you are grocery shopping remember to double dip and use a coupon and the sale price when possible.  If you use these basic principles, you can save thousands of dollars a year very easily. 
If you have any other great tips, please share them here!

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