Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Central Coast Deals

If you live on the Central Coast of California their are some great deals available.  Through the local radio stations you can buy local gift certificates for half off or even more.  This is a great way to try out the local places at a great discount.  It is also a great way to entertain those summer visitors!

They sometimes go really fast and you should always look every Wednesday AM as that is when they will update it.  Today they even had the local Marie Calendar's restaurant on their.  Imagine, 1/2 price pie, yummy.  Need I say more?

Another free resource for local discounts is it is mostly for the Marigold shopping center, but it is free!

Finally, here is another San Luis Obispo, or Central Calfirornia Coast resource.  These again are a discounted certificate.

Remember too, when you are traveling do a search on the local radio and television stations, as this seems to be a nationwide trend.  Promoting local businesses.  Wouldn't it be far nicer to have a real vacation at a discount instead of a 'stayvacation'?

If you have some similar local resources, please share!

PS Don't forget the coupon link above, they often too have great deals and everyone can use these!

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