Sunday, April 18, 2010

Great Deal at Rite Aid and new Savings Program

Check out the Rite Aid web site.  They are promoting their new membership program.  When you sign up for it they give you an immediate $5 off $25 purchase coupon to use.  Depending on how much you spend at Rite Aid this program could save you tons, up to twenty percent for the year!
They also have a great deal on Huggies, $8.99 and a $3 off coupon from the coupon link above.  That makes it 5.99 a pack, but wait, if you add the 5/25 or the 5/20 coupon from watching the videos, then it brings the price down to 4.33 a pack plus tax when you buy 3.  A pretty good deal. 
Remember to also look at any of their 'easy' rebates as they have one going on for Gerber products and diaper rash ointment.
So if you have a baby or no someone who does, you may want to make a trip to Rite Aid this week.

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